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Friday, 06 November 2009 15:35

Since my first visit to this restaurant, I always wonder why the name is Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant? Does it have anything to do with Kampar - a sleepy town in Perak? Or the dishes served here are Kampar's famous delicacy? Or it is just simply another seafood restaurant? Guess I have not found an answer but do you?A bowl of hot 'Yong Tau Fu'
To my surprise, Kampar Jelly Fish Restaurant is indeed selling Hakka Mee (noodles), Yam rice, Herbal Chicken, Black Soy Sauce Pork Stew, Chicken Feet Stew and their highlight is Yong Tau Fu. A range of choices are available for instance long bean, lady finger, chili, xiao pai cai as well as the deep fried stuff like 'pok pok choy' (deep fried bean curd sheets) and deep fried bean curd.

Most patrons would come here for Hakka Mee as this dish is not commonly found in Penang. Hakka Mee is prepared from the hand made egg noodles. They are prepared by scalding with boiling water together with bean sprouts. Then, the noodles are placed in a bowl and served with some savory minced pork and spring onion. If this is going to be your first time, do not miss to try their Hakka Noodle. As an alternative, you may opt for yam rice.
Their signature dish - Hakka Mee
Apart from the above main courses, we usually order a bowl of Yong Tau Fu after picking the selection of our favorite ingredients.

Deep fried bean curd sheets and wantons
Whenever our tummy could accommodate, we would go extra miles to also have a set of Herbal Chicken (RM6.80). A piece of thigh and some Chinese herbs like Codnopsis Pilosulae Radix, Solomonseal Rhizome, wolfberry and red date are wrapped in aluminum foil and steam until cook. This dish is obviously nourishing!
Steamed Herbal Chicken
For drinks, I like their 'Fu Chuk Yi Mai' or the home brew soy bean and barley. It is reasonably flavored and not that sweet.

Thought of trying? Kampar Fish Jelly is an air-conditioned restaurant situated along Jalan Aziz Ibrahim opposite Taman Pantai Jerejak and a stone throw from Gold Coast Condominium. Do go early to avoid peak hours to avoid long queue.

Dining there?

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Operating hours: Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch: 10:30am - 2:30pm and Dinner: 6:30pmĀ  - 9:30pm

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